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Knudsen Echosounder

Category: Hydro
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Forward link Knudsen Echosounder Quantity: 1 Price in USD: 9,000
Product Information Manufactured by: Knudsen Product serial number: K2K-09-0297 Condition: Good Year Purchased: 0 Product description: Knudsen Chirp 3212

Dual-Frequency Singebeam Echosounder Configured with Low-Frequency Transmitters for Operation as Sub-Bottom Profiler.

Operates at 200 kHz and 28 kHz/12 kHz/3.5kHz. Comes with 200kHz Airmar Transducer, 28/200 Airmar
Transducer, and 3.5kHz Massa Transducer. Last serviced at factory: September 2015.

Used but good condition. Fully operational.

New price: $22,000.00
Seller Information Name of Poster: Jeff Snyder Organization/Affiliation: SeaVision Email: jsnyder@seavisionmarine.com Address:
151 Martine Street
Fall River, MA 2723